RadioWORKS: A tool for calculating radio wave propagation & properties
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RadioWORKS is a tool for calculating various items related to radio waves and radio wave propagation. Get detailed information about a frequency, such as the free-space wavelength, proper antenna lengths for common wavelength ratios, band classification, propagation methods, common transmitter configurations, etc. View a 3D coverage map by providing a latitude / longitude coordinate and transmitter height. View a 2D representation of line of sight coverage between two latitude / longitude points, including compensation for TX/RX height, adjustment for Earth curvature, and first Fresnel zone calculation. Look up the elevation of a latitude / longitude coordinate. Calculate path loss using the Free-Space, Flat-Earth, ITU Terrain, Hata Urban, Hata Suburban, Hata Open Area, COST 231 Hata Extended, or Empirical COST-Walfisch-Ikegami (Also known as 'COST 231 Empirical') non Line-of-Sight (n-LoS) and Line-of-Sight (LoS) mathematical models -- OR -- run the models backwards to get the matching distance for a given path loss value. Use the Distance and Power change prediction calculator to predict how a proposed transmitter power change, whether an increase or a decrease, will affect your usable range -- OR -- how a proposed range requirement change, whether an increase or a decrease, will affect your transmitter power requirements, while factoring in the signal decay rate observed in your current system. All path loss & distance / power change prediction calculations can also be displayed graphically. Context-sensitive help is available to guide with the usage of the various calculators. Additionally, all mathematical formulas used by the application are on display, including explanations and usage information.
RadioWORKS is made available as FREEWARE. It contains no virii, adware, spyware, back doors, or trojans.
RadioWORKS is packaged as an MSI (Microsoft Installer) file for easy installation and removal.

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  • Question: I have found that I am unable to resolve the IP address for at this time. I really like Radioworks and I suspect that the GeoData resides at I am unable to connect and use that Radioworks program which I really like but it is unusable without the geodata.

    You are right, the website is not working now and just like you've said, the software is pretty useless without its data. I've tried to access it behind a proxy as well, but I encountered the same situation.

    At this time, RadioWorks can be easily considered as being discontinued without any possibility to download the Geodata that needs.

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